Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Pre-Christmas Posada Pint

Just before Christmas each year I receive a phone call from an old pal of mine. Stephen and me were at art college together in the sixties, and he makes the annual visit 'home' from Dublin to see his mum on Tyneside. The phone call summons me almost instantly to a gathering of old student friends in our haunt of bygone days The Crown Posada, on Side in Newcastle. This is probably one of the last remaining 'real' pubs in the city and it's great to meet the guys and catch up with what they are doing. There's always some good crack and a bit of a laugh, as well as the compulsory walk down memory lane!

Newcastle College of Art was the forerunner of Newcastle Polytechnic, now better known as Northumbria University. The college departments were spread over the city and our graphics section was in Chillingham Road, above a primary school. 'Liberal Studies' lectures meant attending the fine art building in Ellison Place, where I was initiated into the worlds of Velasquez, Gaugin and Monet. It also meant the opportunity to watch some amazing movies that so far had been nowhere near my radar, never mind on it, such as The Seven Samurai, Battleship Potemkin and Jules et Jim.

And..... I'm back in the blog!

I used to have a blog.
I was a bit rubbish at it.

"Why are you doing it again then?" I hear you ask....
Three reasons -
1. I want to.
2. I have been inspired by a number of other bloggers.
I am hoping for better things this time around.

Hopefully my posts will amount to more than what I had for breakfast... how much/little work I am doing... or rants about what bugs me most in life. (Can't promise on this last one though!)