Sunday, 7 October 2012

Foundation Degree in Calligraphy Year 2 Term 1 Week #1

Back after a very long summer break and after an outline of the year ahead it's straight back into a revision of some of the letterforms we have previously studied. This is to set us up for three assignments this term; an exercise in developing an individual script; a miniature capital letter using gilding and vellum, and a larger, more complex piece using a variety of the skills we have learned and developed during our first year.

During our first session we are working on assignment 2, in which we will be painting a miniature capital letter on stretched vellum, illustrating it and using gold and gesso during the process. This is a completely new experience in many ways for me. Although I have done some heraldic painting before this is not the part that troubles me, but the application of gold and gesso and working on vellum. Hey ho.... lots to learn! We make trials of various substances that can be used in gilding; gum ammoniac, miniatum and other gold sizes.

I'm recording the results in my notebook as we do the tests, and this research will be submitted with my course work as part of this assignment and as part of my second (and final) years work.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Foundation Degree in Calligraphy / Term 3 week #1

The first session with Italics. Our tutor is Gaynor Goffe, an absolute master of this and many other hands. What a privilege we all feel....five of us getting almost individual attention from one of the world's leading exponents....truly awesome! Here are some of my stumbling first steps....When asked by Gaynor if any of us had done any italics before, I rather foolishly replied that I had done a little bit. Whereupon she asked me to write out some lines in 'my italic'. Later on in the day, after some intense teaching and lots of practice, I was able to compare what I had done with my earlier attempts....what a laugh!

Nathalie gets some one to one from the maestro....Monoline letters before getting into some continuous writing in different nib sizes.Preparation sheets for a historical script analysis.Four different lines from four different students...!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Foundation Degree in Calligraphy / Term 3 week #1

We've started a new term, which will be the final term of the first year! We will be studying bookbinding with Sharon Shaw and also Italics with Gaynor Goffe. I've been looking forward to this term very much, and after our first session I am sure we are going to learn lots and have a great time doing it.We started by making three books in the first session! Here Sharon shows how it's done, folding the sections and sewing them into the covers. Here are my efforts, which I thoroughly enjoyed making. Only one real botch up, so I'll repeat one of the books during the Easter holiday.