Sunday, 25 March 2012

Foundation Degree in Calligraphy / Term 3 week #1

We've started a new term, which will be the final term of the first year! We will be studying bookbinding with Sharon Shaw and also Italics with Gaynor Goffe. I've been looking forward to this term very much, and after our first session I am sure we are going to learn lots and have a great time doing it.We started by making three books in the first session! Here Sharon shows how it's done, folding the sections and sewing them into the covers. Here are my efforts, which I thoroughly enjoyed making. Only one real botch up, so I'll repeat one of the books during the Easter holiday.


  1. tim: fellow northumbrian scribe here (just a novice). spotted your blog in northumbrian scribbler, and although i'm fairly new to blogs, have enjoyed a blissful half hour reading especially about your foundation degree. all MOST impressive, and love the accessible way you've presented it here. makes me want to sign up straightaway! will bookmark the site for future use. thanks and see you at the AGM. annie wright.

  2. Hi Annie...thanks for looking in and for your kind comment. Hope to see you later this month.