Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snow Action at Crammy... Surf Action at Tynemouth

Another six inches of snow on Friday night made everything look gorgeous again.

Today was also a fine one, with a nice walk on Tynemouth Longsands, with kayaks and surfboards akimbo! This guy got stuck on the beach as the tide continued to recede...
Eventually a kindly wave came by to get him afloat once more...
In time to join his mates who were already in the thick of the action...Whilst the serious surfer dudes strode purposely down the beach to enter the fray, or should that be spray!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bishop Tom Wright at Durham

Today I joined with a goodly crowd of folk from the Christian Leaders Forum at The Radisson Blu Hotel in Durham, to hear the bishop of that same city expound his thoughts [based on a new book he is currently writing] on 'Paul's Challenge to Tomorrows Church'. I could only stay for the morning session but what gems were heard from Bishop Tom Wright. He was of course delivering on his favourite topic and how neatly he proceeded to engage the gathered throng with his thoughts on the book of Galatians, the nature of the People of God, and the purpose of the church in the current and future ages.... all linked with a superb outline of the Abraham covenant and how this covenant embraces all people of faith today.

Bishop Tom is a prolific author and one of the 'better' theologians (imho) on the Anglican scene today. By that I mean he is neither liberal or stodgily conservative, but directs his material in a much more refreshing and engaging way, which has somehow had the effect of making the subject of bible study, and of faith itself much more interesting and approachable.

Helvetica Cookie Cutters by Beverly Hsu...

One hundred and one things to do with Helvetica just went to one hundred and two...
Helvetica Cookie Cutters by Beverly Hsu...

[hat tip - Death by Kerning / Swiss Miss]

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Recession.... what recession?

I see that Sir Fred Goodwin (left), former boss of failed bank RBS, has been appointed in a consultancy capacity by RMJM - the world's fifth largest architecture firm. Perhaps the firms architectural and building expertise, combined with Sir Fred's whopping salary and previous £700,000 pension payout could go some way to providing a positive contribution in Haiti at this time? Full story here.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Chernikov reviewed on 'I Love 'Typography'

James Puckett has a nice review on 'Graphic Masterpieces of Yakov G. Chernikov: The Collection of Dmitry Y. Chernikov'. Chernikov was one of the most accomplished Russian Constructivist writers and architects. From 'I Love Typography'. Go here to view the article.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Our granddaughters went to see 'Wicked' at the Hammersmith Apollo and went backstage to meet one of the actors, Alexia Khadime (the Wicked Witch of the West), who is a friend of Aaron.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ice Ice baby!

Snow disappearing rapidly today... but not before we had snapped this massive icicle which had formed above the back door. Gracie had one last manic zoom around the garden, getting herself completely immersed in the white stuff!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

January grinds to a start...

We've had various amounts of snow over the last three weeks, which has given a stuttering start to 2010. Our trip to London tomorrow is now off, due to BA canceling flights from Newcastle to Heathrow. So no visit to the Toggies, Aaron and Nicola, no theatre visit, and no joining in with Pauline's 60th birthday celebrations. We'll have to get out for a 'nice brisk walk' in the snow (family joke!).The Christmas decorations came down on Wednesday... baubles back in the box... cards recycled... tree up in the loft... always more than a landmark as it is also Nicola and Megan's birthday.
We did manage to see our good friends Kate and Terry, and took Gracie for a bracing walk on the beach before going back to their place for lovely soup. Other pictures here show our field and environs in a lovely blanket of white. It's nice to look at but it's also nice when it melts. It does remind me of Norway though.... mmmmmmm yes, Norway.... perhaps time for another visit this year...?

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year

Bren was booked to sing on New Year's Eve at The Queen's Head in Cullercoats, where apparently she went down a storm. Here she is with her adoring fans.

After dropping her off at the venue I visited Roberta and Nathan and a quality gathering of friends for a couple of hours before going back to welcome in the New Year with Bren at the pub. Later on a struggle through the new snow to pop in on Paula and Al and friends.

This morning LOTS of new snow, which Gracie loved! A precarious drive down the A19 to PC World to discover that.... they weren't open! Back tomorrow to hopefully pick up a bargain lap top for Bren.

Christmas #2

More festive fun from the Sokell household on Christmas Day...

Poppy and Grandpa took Gracie for a walk in the snow... while Emma preferred to stay in the warm and read her new book...

The Wii was a big hit with Grandma, Sari, Angel and Megan...

Matt 's competitive edge was channeled into Monopoly City...

Grandma applied the ceremonial flame to the pudding...

And then relaxed with her new massage machine.

Pure spine-tingling magic from Dick Gaughan